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Advantages of Energy-Efficient Homes

Nexstar Homes builds energy-efficient homes that are designed to save you money on your monthly utility bills. We want to share the many benefits of energy-efficient properties and why you should consider building one as part of these efforts.

You might not think about how much energy your home uses until you get your monthly utility bill. But it can make a world of difference to live in an energy-efficient home that is designed to save you money and help the environment.

A home that is more energy efficient is comfortable and more functional than you may realize. These properties appeal to buyers who want to see lower utility bills and other great benefits.

Here’s a look at some of the most significant advantages of energy-efficient homes that show what makes them ideal for anyone interested in buying a new house.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

It is exciting to see the many perks of energy-efficient homes when looking to build a new home. Energy-efficient homes improve multiple aspects of your life, including for your comfort and your health as well as your wallet and monthly budget.

Lower Utility Bills

One of the top advantages of energy-efficient homes is how you can spend less each month on electrical and natural gas bills. A common reason why many people experience higher utility bills is their properties use more energy because of low-quality appliances and other issues.

Some may also use more energy in their water usage or with their heater and A/C unit. A more efficient home will keep people from overspending on power each month. Some of the ways you can experience lower utility bills through an energy-efficient home include:

  • Using LED lights that utilize less energy on average. These include lights you can manually dim to keep from using more power at specific times.

  • The water systems in your home can also use less water on average. You could have toilets that require less water per flush, for example.

  • Integrated kitchen appliances can also use less energy. These appliances can start working in less time on average. They will not use as much energy or water as other items.

  • Your HVAC system will not be as active as usual, making it less expensive for you to keep it operational during extreme weather conditions.

Holds Heat and Cold Better

One of the greatest problems surrounding homes is that they can be difficult to heat or cool. As the seasons change, you will require your HVAC unit to help you keep your living spaces warm enough or cool enough to stay comfortable.

Poor insulation around your property might cause you to lose some of the inside air your unit produces, requiring you to run your HVAC system for longer periods. The unit itself may also be older and might require extra effort and time to produce the desired conditions in your space.

A newer home will be more effective than you might expect in maintaining the temperature you want. The insulation around a property will keep the air inside your home comfortable, ensuring you don’t lose warm or cool air.

Newer HVAC systems will also work in less time and use fewer moving parts on average. They also have higher SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio ratings.

The SEER standard measures how well the system will operate in short amounts of time. A higher SEER rating means that the HVAC unit will require less energy when running, helping you keep your home cooled or heated while requiring less time and money.

Fewer Pests Inside

The threat of pests inside your home is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable in what should be your safe space. Pests and bugs like cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions can be a major nuisance throughout the year.

They can show up in unfortunate places and cause all sorts of hassle. The unsightly appearance of some of these pests is also a problem you don’t want to experience or risk.

An energy-efficient home will not be as likely to experience these pests. The insulation and sealant materials around the home will keep pests from entering your property.

With fewer pores and openings, you will not be likely to see as many pests in or around your home. This isn’t typically one of the points you might think about when looking at the advantages of energy-efficient homes, but it is a perk that deserves your attention.

Keep Noise in Check

Houses that are more efficient use higher amounts of insulation than other spaces. Their windows are also thicker and more efficient at blocking out UV rays and outside air as well as noise.

Keeping the building quiet on the inside means you get to relax and enjoy your space without distractions from the outside. Since the home is closed off and sealed properly, it becomes harder for noise to enter the space.

Better For the Environment

One concern people have about building new homes is how they’re going to use various resources and materials that could negatively affect the environment. A significant part of building an energy-efficient home involves how it can be better for the planet in general. The reasons why these homes are better for the environment are:

  • Many new properties can be made from recycled materials from older buildings. These include wood and brick repurposed from different projects.

  • Since a home will not use as much energy to heat or cool the space, it will not use as much coal, gas, or whatever other materials may be necessary to power the property.

  • Some buildings can support renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power.

  • Since many items will not require as much water for operation, you will not use as much water from local sources. You will preserve various reservoirs, lakes, or other places where people gather their water.

  • Many buildings will also use local resources. There’s less of a need to transport items to different properties, ensuring there won’t be as much pollution when getting things out to a spot.

You Have More Control

Another of the advantages of energy-efficient homes you will love involves the fact that you have more control over the utilities and features in your space. Many efficient homes use smart home functions such as:

  • The lights can turn on and off based on the sunrise and sunset times in your area.

  • Sensors can activate lights and other electric features around the space when people come near them. These include lights that will turn off when people leave a room.

  • The HVAC system can stay active when there are people on the property, but it will not work as much when no one is there.

  • Power outlets can turn off the flow of energy when anything attached to the outlet is switched off.

You can control your smart home functions in many ways and in various rooms according to your needs. This increased control will make it easier for you to keep your utilities in check, plus you won’t use as much energy.

Help Prevent Increasing Electricity Prices

One problem many homeowners have these days is that electricity prices are continuously increasing. Utility providers like SRP and APS keep raising their prices due to the higher demand for power as more properties are built.

Building an energy-efficient home limits these increases and creates a lower impact on their need to increase their rates during the year. You won’t have to worry about spending more money on energy when you have a property that doesn’t use more than necessary.

Boost Your Property’s Value

One of the other benefits of energy-efficient homes to consider involves how your property will be worth more in the long run.

Homes that use less energy are more likely to maintain a higher market value. Part of this point comes from how marketable green properties are. The fact that these homes won’t use as much energy as other spaces makes them more valuable and desirable to potential buyers.

Better Health For Everyone

A green home will allow enough fresh air to move about inside while also limiting the amount of pollution and pollen that comes in from outside. You’ll introduce new air while also allowing the old air to leave the property. The efficient design of the house allows the air to switch quickly to ensure a positive flow and higher air quality.

Clean air is necessary for your home, as it ensures everyone stays healthy. A green home can filter the air that goes through to keep it clean and safe.

Building Energy-Efficient Homes in Arizona

It has never been easier for homebuyers in Arizona to find high-quality homes than now. The advantages of energy-efficient homes make them enticing and valuable for homeowners throughout the year.

Ask the team here at Nexstar Homes about our energy-efficient homes in Arizona and find the perfect place for your needs! Give us a call today at 480-770-2222 or reach out to us online for more information!


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