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What Home Floor Plan is Right for Me?

Before you buy a home, you should learn how to choose a floor plan. Each family has a different lifestyle, so the size, shape, and layout of your rooms will need to vary. You should carefully consider your family’s needs before you decide to build or buy a home.

How to Choose a Floor Plan

When thinking about how to choose a floor plan, there are a few things you should take into consideration. For example, what are your dream features, your budget, and your must-have necessities? By thinking carefully about your needs, you can discover the best home for your goals.

1. Create Your Dream Floor Plan

Before you get bogged down by reality, you should start by creating your dream floor plan. Some features, like a gaming room or a library, are surprisingly affordable. You don’t want to dismiss your dreams too early because you never know when they might work out.

If you aren’t sure what you want in a home, spend some time browsing home decor sites and magazines. Once you have a list of dream features, you can narrow it down and prioritize the things you want most.

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

When thinking about how to choose a floor plan for your home, you should consider your lifestyle. If you entertain a lot, you might want a wide foyer and open floor plan in your living spaces, so guests can easily wander around your home. We personally think the 2750 Estate Collection and 3043 Estate Collection are great for entertaining visitors.

A multi-story home allows you to maximize the land your home is on, but there are drawbacks. If you plan on retiring in your home or caring for an elderly relative, a single-story design may be a better choice. At the very least, you will want to have a bedroom and bathroom on the bottom floor.

Many families choose designs where the master bedroom is on one side of the house and additional bedrooms are clumped together on the other side of the house. By doing this, parents can get a bit of privacy from their little ones.

3. Choose the Style

Have you always dreamed of living in a Victorian home? Or would you prefer to live in a mid-century modern?

Other than choosing an aesthetic you really enjoy, you should also think about your region. Certain style choices, like large windows, shades, and insulation, are ideal for different climates.

4. Remember Your Budget

At some point, your dreams have to come down to earth. Once you have all of your dream features and styles in mind, you should look at your budget again. Most likely, some items will have to be removed from your wish list if you want to stay within your budget.

Types of Floor Plans

While there are thousands of floor plans you can choose from, there are a few general types you will see. By thinking about how to choose a floor plan, you can narrow down the type of home you want.

Traditional or Closed Floor Plans

With a traditional layout, each room is a separate room. There are walls separating these spaces from other rooms, so you can’t just wander from one room to another without going through a doorway.

Many people like this floor plan because it gives you more privacy. Sound travels less through walls, so it is also quieter than contemporary floor plans. Plus, the mess from one room is less likely to encroach on another space.

Contemporary or Open Floor Plans

Meanwhile, an open floor plan is designed to feel airy and spacious. Your kitchen, dining room, and living room are generally in one large, open area. If you love to entertain a lot, this kind of floor plan is generally a great choice.

The floor plan in Nexstar’s 3043 Collection is a good example of an open floor plan. The dining room, great room, and kitchen are all connected in the same open space. They seem to blend into each other, which makes this kind of design great for hosting dinner parties and family get-togethers.

Family-Friendly Designs

If you have a large family, you may want an open floor plan with a master bedroom on one side of your house. An open floor plan means you can watch the kids while cooking dinner or working on a last-minute project in the living room. Meanwhile, grouping the master bedroom on a different side of the house gives you and your partner more privacy.

The 2427 Estate Collection is a good example of a family-friendly design. In the shared spaces, there is an open layout, so everyone can be together. Then, the master bedroom is separated from the kids’ rooms by the study, foyer, and other living spaces.

People generally choose the farmhouse floor plan for its quaint, old-world charm. Because the shared rooms are separate, they tend to be quieter and more private. Having the bedrooms upstairs also offers an added level of privacy for residents when they are entertaining guests.

Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Needs

By learning how to choose a floor plan, you can help your family find the right house. Nexstar builds homes with a variety of different floor plans. To learn more about our different floor plans, visit our website today.


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