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Top Benefits of Owning a 1 Acre Lot in Arizona

Thinking about building your home on a larger piece of land? Learn about all the best benefits of owning an acre in Arizona and see if it’s a good option!

Here at Nexstar Homes, we build most of our properties on 1-acre lots in Arizona. We’ve found it’s the perfect size that provides residents with privacy, space to entertain, and increased property value. Check out the many reasons why owning an acre is a good choice!

There are many things for a home buyer to consider when purchasing a new home. One of the most important decisions in building a house is choosing the land where you will build. When determining what is best for your circumstances, make sure you consider the overall size, the location, the position, and the zoning of the lot.

When thinking about the benefits of owning an acre lot, take plenty of time and choose wisely so you can find the best land for your wants and needs. Study the advantages of owning an acre so you can use the land wisely for future resale potential. Make sure the home you design will fit on the land in a way that satisfies all of the expectations on your list.

6 Benefits of Owning an Acre Lot

1. Privacy

Privacy is one of the greatest benefits of owning an acre of land, which leads many people to consider getting a larger plot. Many subdivisions are building homes so close together it often feels like you can reach out your window to touch your neighbor's house. If you enjoy a personal backyard retreat and solitude, then buying an acre of land for your new home would be beneficial.

One acre of land provides a significant amount of privacy from nearby neighbors or roadways, especially with carefully designed landscaping. Researching shade trees, large bushes, and native plants to place around the border of your lot can assist in maximizing your privacy. Strategically placing your home on your plot of land and taking the time to carefully design the layout can conceal areas you would like hidden from view.

2. Multiple Landscaping Options

On an acre of property, you can design a yard that is beautifully landscaped with lots of options to choose from. A large amount of land provides plenty of room to grow a garden, plant larger trees, add a swimming pool, or build a sports court. It allows for ample space to also build a barbeque grill, sitting areas, and a fireplace if desired.

Large shade trees around the house can keep areas covered during the summer months and aid in lowering electric bills. Large boulders or rocks can be added as borders or decorative walls to enhance the desired look of your yard. Having a large yard is conducive to having multiple enclosed areas for enjoyment or a backyard that is wide-open and spacious.

3. Room for Kids to Roam

A large backyard is any kid's dream and one acre is a perfect size to make that dream come true. You can provide a multitude of fun and engaging recreational activities for your children including a playground swing set or a fenced pool complete with a diving board or slide. There is also ample room to set a large ground-level trampoline, throw a baseball, or place a basketball court.

Your home can become the place all your kid’s friends want to be and you can keep your own kids at home for your enjoyment and peace of mind. Kids can romp, roam, yell, scream, and have the freedom to be kids without disturbing any of the neighbors. A big yard provides opportunities for your children to learn responsibility as they assist in growing a garden, mowing lawns, or caring for a pool.

4. Entertaining

If you love having people over for birthdays, sporting events, or holidays, one of the greatest benefits of owning an acre of land is that it’s the perfect environment for entertaining large crowds. Fire up the barbeque for a great cookout, buy some toys and games for a fun pool party, or decorate the yard for your child’s special birthday party. The mild climate of Arizona weather makes entertaining outside possible nearly all year round.

A large one-acre lot provides an area big enough for adults to sit and visit while kids are noisily running around. Your backyard can become your family’s getaway as you enjoy eating on the back patio, playing outdoor games together, or simply relaxing by the pool. It provides an amazing opportunity to create memories together.

5. Increase Property Value

When looking at the advantages of owning an acre of land, make sure you first determine the property value and if it will appreciate over time. Determine what type of home would work best and make sure there is resale potential. The location of the land is only one consideration to research when determining the property's value.

Take the time to search for a real estate agent who is willing to find comparable prices of land or homes in the surrounding area. Make sure easements, water, and electricity are readily available without more out-of-pocket spending. Educate yourself regarding the type of soil or dirt on the acre to make sure you can easily build a basement, dig a swimming pool, or grow any type of plant.

6. Expansion Opportunities

As your family expands and you begin to outgrow the current house, an acre lot may provide the needed space to add on to the existing structure. Building another bedroom, a needed office, a larger family room, or extending the garage can increase square footage and provide desired changes. The ability to meet your family's growing needs makes it possible to stay in your home and not have to change your location.

Another advantage to owning an acre lot is having additional space to add small buildings such as a tool shed, a covered garden, or a large playhouse for the kids. You may choose to build several smaller storage sheds which can house a lawnmower, garbage cans, sports equipment, or other gardening tools. There are a variety of choices that can enhance the extra room your land provides.

Does Owning an Acre Lot Sound Right for You?

The benefits of owning an acre of land are many, including privacy, increased value to your home, and a great place to raise your family. There are many things to consider when purchasing the right property and it can often feel overwhelming.

When the time comes, reach out to the professionals here at Nexstar Homes! We can assist you in finding the best acreage to build your new home!


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