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Spacious Floor Plans: Features, Benefits, & How to Decorate

At Nexstar Homes, our homes are built with you in mind. Each floor plan is spaciously designed to enhance the flow of your home. Read on to learn about spacious home floor plans, their benefits, and the best way to decorate these types of homes.

Most homes that were built before the 1990s were created with the intent of having plenty of separate enclosed rooms. The mindset was to maintain privacy and clearly designate areas for their own specific purpose.

As we get further into the 21st century, that concept is gradually becoming a thing of the past as more people are searching for homes with spacious floor plans instead. While most of this decision is based on the needs and desires of the home buyer, there are plenty of advantages that come with these open floor plan styles.

What are Spacious Floor Plans?

A spacious floor plan, also known as an “open floor plan”, is a general term used to describe a residential concept that combines two or more rooms into a single space. Usually, this area includes rooms like the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

The general idea is to create a more open space rather than breaking it down into a handful of smaller, separate rooms. Many people feel this presents more options for everything from entertaining guests to decorating.

Benefits of Spacious Open Floor Plans

There are plenty of advantages to having a spacious floor plan in your home that make it easy to see why so many new home buyers are searching for this type of layout.

Easier Communication

Since there are no walls blocking your view or audio accessibility to multiple rooms, spacious home floor plans make it easier to talk to family members who are in different areas of the home.

Your spouse could be in the living room watching tv or spending time with the kids while you’re in the kitchen making lunch. And instead of yelling through a wall or walking to another room to ask for meal choices, you can easily get their attention right away.

One of your children could be doing homework in the open dining room and could ask for help on a question while you are sitting on a couch in the living room.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways this type of home layout makes talking to one another simpler from day to day.

Entertaining Guests

Spacious home floor plans are ideal for entertaining! When you have a spacious floor plan, you can continue chatting with someone sitting in the living room as you walk to the kitchen for more snacks to share.

Your guests will also feel more comfortable in the open space as they’re able to traverse the floor plan without having to get permission to go from room to room.

Many spacious floor plans also include kitchen islands, which means you can have food prepared and out in the open for everyone to enjoy whenever they want.

Better Lighting

In a closed floor plan, every room needs the lights on to ensure people can see comfortably whether it’s daytime or night. But in an open space, you can more easily take advantage of natural lighting.

Instead of increasing your electric bill each month, you can bring in light from your windows to brighten the entire space throughout the day. You’ll save money on your energy bill and increase your intake of natural vitamin D.

Keep Kids Safe

It can be challenging for a parent to keep their kids in the kitchen while making a meal or doing the dishes. A spacious open floor plan will allow your child to play or watch a show in the other room while these tasks are completed. The parent can simply look over at any time while getting their tasks done to confirm their little ones are safe.

Create a Flow

In a closed floor plan, walls and doorways can disrupt a home's overall flow, especially when it comes to the general areas. A spacious floor plan will remove these walls and replace them with wide-open spaces. This makes everything from decorating to walking from place to place easier.

How to Best Use Areas in a Spacious Open Floor Plan

Regardless of your style or design preferences, there is a wide range of ways you can decorate a spacious floor plan that makes it functional and comfortable.

Put Furniture in the Right Place

With an open floor plan, you'll forego walls in favor of connected spaces that will flow seamlessly into each other. Strategical placement of your furniture (sofas, rugs, chairs, and accent pieces) can help break up these spaces in your home. By placing a large sofa between your living room and dining room, it will maintain the open concept while also clearly designating spaces for their specific use.

Avoid Multiple Room Themes

Since every room in a spacious floor plan can be seen at the same time, it’s rarely a good idea to have contrasting colors and themes spread across each one. Instead, focus on cohesive colors that go well together so the rooms flow and complement each other. You can even focus on using one consistent theme throughout the space, such as only using wooden furniture, a contemporary style, or something similar.

Don’t Forget About the Floor and Ceiling

If you decide to change the style of your floor and ceiling, make sure they can be matched throughout your open area. Some people like to add various styles of trim to the ceiling or change the flooring from tile to wood or carpet. Simply make sure these match with every change.

Use Paint to Create Focal Points

Whether you make a single accent wall or fancy a wall up with stripes, paint is among the most versatile tools to enhance any space. Just ensure any paint you add will match the other spaces and rooms that are immediately visible.

Is a Spacious Floor Plan Right for You?

While there are plenty of pros to having a home with a spacious floor plan, much of this decision comes down to your personal preferences. If you’re looking for a house that offers better chances for entertaining, more natural lighting, and an enhanced flow, odds are that you’ll like this type of home.

At Nexstar Homes, the homes we build are designed with a spacious open floor plan in mind. Check out our functional floor plans and imagine how you would use this space!


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