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8 Reasons to Move to Crismon & Adobe Community in Mesa, AZ

People from around the world are drawn to Mesa, AZ because of its gorgeous desert landscape, amazing views, and rich culture. Within the city, you can check out the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the Mesa Grande Cultural Park, and the i.d.e.a. Museum. Plus, the area is popular among snowbirds because of its balmy, warm climate.

If you are considering a move to the Crismon and Adobe community, there are many reasons why you might fall in love with the area. From sunny days to top eateries, this city has a wide range of amenities.

1. Fun things to do

While museums and parks might get a lot of attention, there are other amazing things to do in the area. For example, the Orange Patch is a local farm where you can pick your own oranges. Then, you can test out orange-themed jams, sweets, and pickles in the farm’s store.

If you want to experience Mesa’s culture, head over to the Mesa Arts Center. Throughout the year, the venue hosts different exhibitions and shows.

For a true adventure, hop in a hot air balloon. There are several businesses in the area that offer hot air balloon experiences, so you can enjoy the desert from a bird’s-eye view.

If Mesa’s balmy weather gets a little too hot, you can escape the heat at Golfland and Sunsplash. While Golfland offers year-round go-karting, arcade games, mini golf, and bumper boats, Sunsplash is only open during the summer. The water park has almost 30 different water rides and pools, so there are plenty of activities to choose from.

2. Beautiful Arizona weather

When it comes to hot weather, Mesa is the place to be. Because it is located in a valley, the heat tends to linger around Mesa. It is typically warmer than Phoenix, which makes Mesa a great home if you love warmer temperatures.

Plus, Mesa gets just 36 days of rainfall each year. If you love getting outside, the low rainfall and warm weather make it easy to plan out a hike or a day at the waterpark.

3. There’s no HOA.

You rarely hear people rave about how much they love their HOA. In most cases, an HOA is an inconvenience to put up with. For many homeowners, HOAs can dictate how you paint your home, whether you can add additional rooms, how noisy you can be, and how you landscape your yard.

If you’ve had to put up with an over-the-top HOA before, the Crismon and Adobe community will be a welcome change. This community was designed without an HOA, so you can feel free to plant flowers and paint your front door without a nosy HOA member looking over your shoulder.

4. Every home is on a 1+ acre lot.

Another reason why people fall in love with Crismon and Adobe is because of the lot sizes. If you want peace and quiet, you can’t buy a home with a city lot. You need a large backyard and front yard to give you a sense of privacy.

At the Crismon and Adobe community, every home comes with at least an acre of land. This means you can enjoy meeting the neighbors when you want to, but you won’t be living right on top of each other.

5. The premium materials used to build each home.

You invest in a property because you want to spend years or decades of your life turning it into a home. It’s impossible to do that if the home is made from cheap materials and shoddy workmanship. When you live in the Crismon and Adobe community, you can enjoy having the highest quality of materials and fixtures.

For example, each unit is outfitted with high-end cabinets and Pella windows. In the kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, you will find upgraded tile floors. On the walls, you’ll find a hand-applied, sand stucco finish.

Meanwhile, you can find upgraded finishes on the baseboards, plumbing fixtures, doors, trim, and light fixtures. Each home’s roof is equipped with a premium underlayment and a five-year warranty.

6. Homes are energy efficient.

Whether you care about the environment or just enjoy saving money, these homes are designed to please you. Each property contains energy-efficient features, like insulated windows and spray foam insulation. Additionally, these units are designed with LED light bulbs and programmable thermostats.

7. Mesa offers an active lifestyle.

If you love staying busy, Mesa is a good area to call home. This area offers plenty of opportunities for horseback riding, hiking, golfing, and swimming. While the Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable is famous for its horseback riding options, you can also head to Saguaro Lake for kayaking and tubing options as well.

8. Enjoy outdoor spaces.

Within a short distance from the Crismon and Adobe community, you can find a wide variety of parks. Ranging from playgrounds to hiking wonderlands, there are options here for everyone. If you love small parks and playgrounds, you should check out Pioneer Park, Greenfield Park, Riverview Park, and Falcon Hill Park.

For the true adventurer, there are a number of large parks in the area as well. At Papago Park, you can check out Hunt’s Tomb or enjoy a hike with minimal elevation gain. The park also has great trails for mountain biking and running.

Meanwhile, the Lost Dutchman State Park spans a total of 320 acres. Located north of Apache Junction, this park provides access to hiking trails, camping facilities, and the Superstition Wilderness. A trailhead and trails in the park also connect to Tonto National Forest.

Discover a More Luxurious Lifestyle at the Crismon and Adobe Community

If you want to experience everything Mesa has to offer, the Crismon and Adobe community is the place to be. From top-notch restaurants to excellent hiking, this area offers all of the best amenities. Plus, it has a wide range of cultural and performing arts venues.

Whether you love nightlife or warm sunshine, you can enjoy your favorite lifestyle options in Mesa. To learn more about the Crismon and Adobe community and get pre-approved for a home, visit our financing page today.


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