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How to Stop Renting and Buy a Home

Are you ready to stop renting and own your house? You have options available! Find out how to stop renting and buy a home with these easy-to-follow steps!

Nexstar Homes is dedicated to helping people who want to get out of their rental properties and into the home of their dreams. This guide is here to help you find out the quickest way to make that a reality.

Renting a home or apartment might be a necessity for some, but it is not something everyone wants to do forever. You won’t ever have as much control over your home if you are renting the space. You’re also susceptible to the will and regulations set by your landlord. These issues can be a hassle, but they don’t have to be a problem forever. This brief guide will help you learn exactly how to stop renting and buy a home. You can use these tips to help you stop renting someone else’s space and claim a home you can call your own.

Benefits of Buying a Home Versus Renting

You will find owning your own home to be more enjoyable than if you keep renting your space. The main reasons why you should stop renting and move towards owning your house include how you will make a long-term investment in yourself and your future.

Instead of relying on someone else and their property, you will have a place that is truly yours. You’ll have full ownership of the space after you complete all the payments on your mortgage. Plus, you could make a significant profit on your home depending on its condition and market if you ever decide to sell.

You could also spend less on your mortgage than if you were to rent a property. Rental costs are constantly increasing and becoming tough to manage in many markets.

A mortgage will come with a monthly price but could end up being less than if you were to continue renting. Some mortgage loans may also come with guaranteed rates that are more predictable, or they might have rates that can drop in value if the market changes.

You’ll also enjoy the privacy that comes with buying a home for yourself. You won’t be subject to nosy or bothersome neighbors in an apartment building or other attached property you might rent.

You can do more of what you want in a home you own as it’s customized to fit your likes and personality. You won’t be subject to annoying limitations over what you can and cannot do as if you were in a rented property.

There’s even the chance to bring in further income by renting out a room or the entire house altogether. You could bring in short-term tenants by listing a home on a home-sharing site, for example. You won’t have to ask a landlord for permission to make money this way when you own a property.

Steps to Stop Renting and Start Owning

You can stop renting and buy now when you use a few steps to get there. Here’s a brief look at some steps to follow for how to stop renting and buy a home.

1. Review Your Finances

The first step to help you stop renting and start owning is to look at your current financial situation. Check on how much money you have and compare it to your debt. Your debt-to-income ratio will be one of the biggest factors in getting approved for a mortgage loan.

Set yourself up for success to easily buy a home as you:

  • Look at how much money you have in savings. You’ll need a few months of living expenses saved up, plus enough to cover a down payment. Most down payments will be a percentage of the value of the property depending on the type of home loan.

  • Gather documents surrounding your income such as bank statements and tax returns. You must prove to a home lender that you have the funds necessary to pay for your home.

  • Check on your credit history and see that you’re in a good position where you are comfortable with what you have at your disposal. You may qualify for a better mortgage rate if you have a positive credit history where you show that you can pay off your debts on time and in full.

The value and cost of your home will vary with the market. Check on where you’re going when spending on your new property to ensure you’ve got something that fits well and is worthy of your plans.

2. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan

3. Consider Your Living Needs

4. Be Sure You Have Steady Employment

5. Plan a Suitable Budget

6. Think About Where You Want to Live

7. Consider Your Future


Stop Renting and Own Your House Today with Nexstar Homes

You’ll have more freedom over your home when you own your space instead of having to rent it from someone else. Look at your current situation and see if there’s an opportunity for you to stop renting and buy a home instead.

Homeownership is exciting and thrilling, especially when you have a property you love!

At Nexstar Homes, we build beautiful, custom-style homes that are perfect for a variety of lifestyles. If you are thinking about buying instead of renting, get in touch with our team today by calling 480-770-2222!


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